Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome to Bible Study

Welcome to our Bible study. I want to thank everyone for joining this exploration of the Bible. Whether you are a Christian, belong to another faith, or an atheist, the Bible is a book which probably exercises more influence on our society than any other. However, have we ever really taken a look at this book? Most of us know the basic stories in the Bible. Most of us believe we know the basic moral lessons of the Bible. However, the Bible is a complex world of ideas, contradictions, and myths. We're going to look at these and to try to help us determine whether or not the Bible is actually the infallible word of God -- or if it is a book written by men over thousands of years. In any case, we should have some fun.

For the purposes of our discussion, I will be using the King James version of the Bible as my primary source. If I use a different version, I will note it specifically. If you want to follow along, I recommend that you use the resource:

Finally, I feel it is necessary to note that I am indebted to sources such as the Skeptics Annotated Bible and other sources to help me with my topics. The purpose of this blog is not copy their work, but to expand on it.

Talk to you all later!


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